Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive Reuse

There is a reason Hopkins is known as the Adaptive Reuse Go to Team – Experience.

Adaptive Reuse, The regeneration of existing structures, is truly an art form, and not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Taking a structure built under different building codes, from a time gone by, to qualify for today’s world takes special knowledge and experience.

Taking what might have been a largely commercial environment, that is often old and tired, and give it new life can be an exhilarating experience.

The repurposing of existing buildings, often called Adaptive Reuse, comes in many forms. While there are many possibilities, two of the most common are transforming a mid-rise office structure into a residential use: apartments, condominiums, hotel, and a low-rise manufacturing building, usually one to three floors, into vibrant commercial or retail space.

The Adaptive Reuse of existing buildings is often important for the Community too, by bringing often neglected neighborhoods back to life.

Often Adaptive Reuse projects qualify for Special Consideration under a City’s Adaptive Reuse Ordinance.  This may mean that ADR projects do not require as an extensive review phase or, perhaps, the construction of additional parking facilities to meet today’s requirements for new construction.  They may also have more flexible Fire/Life/Safety, structural or disabled access requirements, which can contribute to a more streamlined permitting phase that can reduce construction costs along with a quicker time to market.

And then, finally, there is the “people factor”.  People love nostalgic buildings; some say with a Soul.  Are you one of those people? Is your building one of those buildings?

We have highlighted just a few of the projects we have completed but would be pleased to share with you many more and the opportunities that might be available for your project. Just one more reason to choose George C. Hopkins Construction Co., Inc.

Residential Adaptive Reuse

Commercial Adaptive Reuse