Commercial, Manufacturing and Industrial development has long been a mainstay of Hopkins Construction. Our resume includes hundreds of projects such as Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Parking Structures, Research & Development Facilities, Warehouses, Trucking Facilities, Museums, Mortuaries, Hotels and Healthcare Facilities. These projects naturally break down into three distinct categories:


Remodel of Existing Buildings

Adaptive Reuse

New buildings provide the opportunity to fully customize a facility to meet the exact needs of your organization. Since no two clients or their needs are alike, Hopkins can help you choose the right combination of building components to suit your needs.

Remodels – Perhaps you love your current location. The Building Shell fits your needs. It is just old and tired, and the old look needs to be updated with a new look to give you that extra edge. Maybe it’s curb appeal, or perhaps employee comfort. Maybe there are new code requirements that you need to incorporate. Our design and construction staff are here just for you.

Adaptive Reuse – It was time for someone else to move on. But the location and size are so right just for you, and your business. Hopkins has the talent and experience to make that dream come true.

Hopkins has expertise in:

Structural Steel



Concrete Post & Beam

Conventional Wood Framing

Glass Curtain Wall

Parking Structures

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

In fact, Hopkins was and continues to be the go-to company for anything that isn’t just a square box – this creativity and knowledge of design continues to this day; it’s in our DNA for all of our projects.

We have been building prefabricated metal buildings long before computer generated designs and engineering were available.

New Commercial

Prefabricated Metal Commercial