Notable Clients

As the list below indicates, we at Hopkins Construction have worked with sole proprietors, major corporations, municipalities, state and federal agencies. Listed here are a few of the more visible clients we have partnered with, usually on multiple projects since 1980. We are grateful for all these opportunities given to us and the relationships established. Many of the business relationships have become life-long personal relationships/friends.

99 Pasadena Design Center


Cuningham Group Architecture Design Center

Dansk Investment Group, Inc.

Dennis Zine Community Center


Forest Lawn

Fortner Engineering



Gavin De Becker & Associates

Glendale/Burbank/Pasadena Airport Authority

General Motors

Glenair, Inc.

3010 Gilroy Owner, LLC

Annandale Golf Club

City of Glendale

Citizens Bank/Community Bank

City of Burbank


Cal Trans

Burbank Community Federal Credit Union

Birkdale Street, LLC

3215 La Cienega Owner, LLC


In a Word, George C. Hopkins Construction Co., Inc. offers Service
It Is How We Work.