Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family Residential

Let’s be right up front, we do not build custom single-family homes.  We can, and have, but we don’t anymore.

We do build apartments, condominiums and track homes.  In fact, we build lots of them, sometimes they cover entire blocks.

Like commercial buildings, they often fall into two categories:

Adaptive Reuse and

Totally New Construction


Hopkins is the expert for Adaptive Reuse projects.  Adaptive Reuse is important for the entire community and we at George C. Hopkins Construction Co., Inc. takes the regeneration of our existing buildings and neighborhoods very seriously.  Among the many benefits listed elsewhere is the sustainability aspect to the environment.  While often just considered a remodel, Adaptive Reuse projects can be much more difficult than ground-up projects.

Adaptive Reuse projects often contain specialty shoring, footing underpinning, and new elevator shaft(s) through existing floors and roofs.  The order of the construction trades if often vastly different from a new project.
At our Hollywood & Vine project we installed car elevators in the building so that cars could be parked in the three levels below grade. Historical components also often play into the mix. Facades need to be protected or refurbished, the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars needed to be
removed and stored.  Hopkins Construction specializes in this work.  Our experienced staff, all seasoned veterans, understand Adaptive Reuse.

NEW Construction

Every construction project is made up of thousands of different elements. New projects often have an additional site component with them.  Offsite Work:  New streets or intersections, signals, sewers, storm drains and water mains.  Hopkins regularly works with Departments of Water & Power, Government Housing Authorities and CalTrans, just to name a few.

Most new residential projects also contain a mixed-use component, an adjacent at-grade or below-grade parking structure, and concrete podium decks over which a steel frame or wood structure is placed for the housing component.
We have a wide range of experience with all of these forms of construction for residences, senior living facilities, apartments, condominiums and live-work environments.

We enjoy the collaborative process with developers and architects to create environments in which people live, work and play.